I don't want your war


The music on the vinyl is inspired, composed and performed for a color film of an amateur silent film shot in Afghanistan in 1969 in super 8 by some Italian tourists on vacation. The silent film shows various landscape situations, mountains, countryside, lakes, rivers and towns of an Afghanistan still unaware of the future wars that would destroy it. The music intersects perfectly with the various scenarios that are presented through the sounds of Robab, Knee Fiddle, Saxophone, Baritone Acoustic Guitar and female voice, giving life to ample improvisational spaces stylistically different in terms of cultural origin and stylistic background.

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Release Date: October 2023

Product description

1. Gul de Pa Zulfo
2. Panorama 
3. Aisha


5. Market
6. Panorama
7. Camels and Horses
8. Home Garden

Geremia Carrara: Project Idea
Alessandro Palmitessa: Conducting, Arrangement, Saxophon, Clarinet, Percussions, Melodica
Bassem Hawar: Knee Fiddle
Daud Khan Sadozai: Rubab
Cosimo Erario: Acoustic Bariton Guitar
Special Guest:
Almut Kühne: Vocals

All compositions by A.Palmitessa except "Gul de Pa Zulfo" and "Aisha"
Produced, mixed&mastered by David Dalmare
for EGP records between January and June 2023
Recorded live at Moers Jazz festival on 3.6.22 by Guido Cherchi 
Grafik by Cosimo Erario

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia, Förderfonds Interkultur Ruhr / RVR, NRW Kultursekretariat, Moers Culture Office and Bild-Kunst.
With the friendly support of: Home Movies. Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia - Bologna.

This project is dedicated to all oppressed women, in Afghanistan as in Iran and all over the world, who fight against prohibitions and for their liberation.