by Enzo Lanzo

Active on the jazz scene for more than 25 years now, Enzo Lanzo sips his works sparingly when he really has something to communicate. So after having related the free Jazz with the songs of the popular tradition of the native land, the Puglia ("Rondonella", Leo Records 1996) having made a Concept album inspired by facts of national and international contemporary life, almost as if to say that the jazz musician is not a good living room tradesman but a person who looks at the world ("Boastfulo Speeches" Terre sommerse 2008) the drummer and percussionist Tarantino churns out a more in the Tradition and once again amazes for the other versatility of the sign.
Right from the title, the disc presents itself as an affectionate homage to the fathers of translation (Max Roach, Thelonious Monk but also Miles and Chick Corea) and for the occasion Lanzo - with the accomplices of his cronies - shows off very elegant silhouettes in black and white in an atmosphere Swinging and relaxing. But the much desired, sought after and finally achieved groove is that of Roy Haynes mentor of every drummer and musician who more than anyone else has been able to translate the legacy of tradition into innovative terms

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Product description

1. Monday In Four
2. Well You Needn't
3. Trin Tink
4. Blue In Green
5. Waves Of The Danube
6. To Max
7. Steps
8. Well You Needn't Alt. Tk

Total Time 41:36

Track 1-3-6 composed by Enzo Lanzo
Track 1-8 composed by Thelonius Monk
Track 4 composed by Miles Davis
Track 5 composed by Iosif Ivanvici
Track 7 composed by Chick Corea 

Enzo Lanzo: Drums
Vito Di Modugno: Hammond Organ
Rossano Emili: Bariton Sax

Produced by Cosimo Erario for EGP records
Recorded and mixed on 21-22 Jun2 2009 at
Crescendo Studio Bari by Tommy Cavalieri.
Cover Photo by Rembrandt Studio -
Booklet Picture by Chi Chi (Miles) 1999 oil and acrilic.
Layout by Jenny Weyhofen

Enzo Lanzo plays spizzichino cymbals.