Orient Maqams

by Raed Khoshaba

The Iraqi oud virtuoso Raed Khoshaba plays compositions based on different maqam styles in this recording. A Maqam is based on a scale from which the melody is built. It consists of a fixed sequence of tones, and every change in the sequence results in a different maqam. There are seven main maqams in arab musicand a great variety of other maqams derived from them. Khoshaba graduated from the University of Baghdad Faculty of Fine Arts in 1997 with a Bachelor's degree in musical sciences.

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1. Maqam Nahawand
2. Maqam Rast (Turkish Style)
3. Maqam Rast (Egyptian Style)
4. Maqam Rast (Iraqi style)
5. Maqam Ajam
6. Maqam Bayat (Turkish style)
7. Maqam Bayat (Egyptian style)
8. Maqam Bayat (Iraqi style)
9. Maqam Kurd
10. Maqam Segah
11. Maqam Hugaz (Turkish style)
12. Maqam Hugaz (Egyptian style)
13. Maqam Hugaz (Iraqi style)

Total Time 62:04

Raed Khoshaba: Oud solo

Produced and performed by Raed Khoshaba
Recorded and Mixed by Bernhard Schultze in June 2008
Photos and Design by Ikhlas Abbis
Mastered by Cosimo Erario


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Raed Khoshaba

The ethno jazz trio formed by Khoshaba, Palmitessa and Jazouli produces an ethnically inspired work that is linked to Iraqi and Iranian culture. The virtuosity of Khoshaba's oud, the lyricism of the saxophone and the meditative percussion of Jazouli lead the listener into a solar North African dimension.
The compositions written by Khoshaba and Palmitessa offer harmonies and melodies that are not complex but very effective in the trio context.