by Oriental Jazz

The ethno jazz trio formed by Khoshaba, Palmitessa and Jazouli produces an ethnically inspired work that is linked to Iraqi and Iranian culture. The virtuosity of Khoshaba's oud, the lyricism of the saxophone and the meditative percussion of Jazouli lead the listener into a solar North African dimension.
The compositions written by Khoshaba and Palmitessa offer harmonies and melodies that are not complex but very effective in the trio context.

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1. Luarabesque
2. Saxophone
3. Omnia
4. Al Samaa
5. Jorjena
6. Shanashil
7. Sol-Andaluz

Track 2-3-4-5-6 composed  by Raed Khoshaba
Track 1-7 composed by Alessandro Palmitessa

Alessandro Palmitessa: Saxophon, Clarinet
Raed Khoshaba: Oud
Abdelali Jazouli: Percussions (Bandir, Tabla, Others)

Produced, mixed&mastered in M32 Parkstudio - Cologne by Cosimo Erario Co-produced by Marcus Greiner in MCM Studios - Cologne
Recorded at Serrest Sound Studio - Jülich - Germany between 24.06.07 and 03.02.08 by Bernard Schultze
Cover Art: Fisch Face 1992 by Guillelmo Malfitani
Artwork by Jenny Weyhofen