Im Schoß der Erde

by Geremia Carrara - Alessandro Palmitessa

The CD and DVD include a series of compositions played mainly live and performed between Sardinia and Germany on the occasion of the Twins Ruhr 2010.
In the recordings we can meet famous personalities of Italian Jazz such as the pianist and accordionist Antonello Salis, the Sardinian folk singer Elena Ledda, the American jazz trumpeter Lewis Barnes, accompanied by talented musicians such as the German jazz pianist Laia Genc, the German percussionist Olga Mertens, the german classic singer Agnes Erkens, the Sardinian double-bassist Manolo Cabras, the Italian jazz guitarist Cosimo Erario and the saxophonist/clarinetist and creator of the project Alessandro Palmitessa.

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Product description

1. Su dillo de su minatori
2. Wir Bergleute hauen fein / Lillus de Maiu
3. Alla luce della luna
4. Sankt Barbara Lied
5. Glück auf! Glück auf! Der Steiger kommt!
6. Macedonia
7. Tenores
8. Night Walking
9. Sona / Erklinge
10. Torno al mare / Rückkehr ans Meer

Total Time 66:36

Geremia Carrara / Alessandro Palmitessa: Project Idea, Script
Alessandro Palmitessa: Saxophon, Clarinet
Laia Genc: Piano
Agnes Erkens:Vocals
Cosimo Erario: Electric Guitar
Lewis Barnes: Trumpet
Elena Ledda: Vocals
Antonello Salis: Piano/Accordion
Manolo Cabras: Contrabass
Holger Mertens: Percussion

Compositions by :
Track 1-9 - Maria Elena Ledda - Track 2 - Fränkischen Volkslieder
Track 3-6-7-10 - Alessandro Palmitessa  - Track 4 - Musik Überliefert
Track 5 - Bergarbeiterlieder - Track 8 - Cosimo Erario

Produced by Stadt Oberhausen for EGP records Recorded between 05.12.08 and 23.11.11
Sound engeneer on 04.09.10 and 14.01.11 Alexey Markov

Audio editing, Mixing and Mastering by Cosimo Erario
at MP32 Parkstudio - Cologne - D
Video by Kreatifilm - Susanne Bohmann & Lars Filhaut, 
Geremia Carrara
and Alessandro PalmitessaViedeo Mastering by Kreatifilm - 
Susanne Bohmann & Lars Filhaut on 29.12.11
Photograps: Roberto Manzi, Tommaso Montenero, 
Alexey Markov, Geremia Carrara and Alessandro PalmitessaGrafik Design: Benning Gluth & Partner Gesellschaft
für Kommunikation mgH.

All Tracks composed for EGP records and Musikverlag
except Track 1-2-9 courtesy of Elena Ledda (Vocals).
"Cainà l'isola e il continente" courtesy of Cineteca
Sarda, Società umanitaria.
"In galleria" courtesy of Iride Peis.