Water Rings

by Cosimo Erario

"Water Rings" contains 15 tracks of instrumental music played on a baritone acoustic guitar. the project funded by "Neu Start Kultur" and "Gema" gives the listener melodic compositions inspired by fingerstyle, classical and jazz. On some tracks, guitar solos with a modern jazz flavor have been added in overdubs. A certainly thoughtful and nostalgic cd that meets funk rhythms in the song "Looking For a Door".

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1. Time
2. Wish You The Best
3. There Will Be Always A Blues
4. Your Hands
5. Starlings dance
6. Looking For A Door
7. Nei pensieri
8. When Finally?
9. Mare mosso
10. You Can See The Sky
11. Sia
12. Sunflowers
13. Immensity
14. The Pub, The Road And The Sea
15. Retrospettiva

Total Time    53:59

All songs composed, performed and produced by Cosimo Erario for EGP records.

Cosimo Erario: Solo Bariton Acoustic Guitar

Recorded, mixed&mastered by David Dalmare at  "Orange Submarine Studio" " Cologne - Germany in 2022. 
Photos and Layout concept by Tita Simò
This project was realized in 2022, thanks to financial support from "Neu Start Kultur" in cooperation with "Gema"

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Salta il recinto

"Salta il recinto" is a Pop rock recording work with a strong songwriting vein. The very rhythmic compositions leave room for intense slow songs creating a captivating, energetic and modern playlist, making the listener curious and involved.
The work full of arrangements and solos for guitar It will certainly be of interest to the guitar public as well.

The Diamond Quarter

"The Diamond Quarter" Is an album played entirely on a baritone acoustic guitar and contains 13 tracks played live without overdubs. Pat Metheny inspired this work and above all the idea of making a CD with the baritone guitar. The compositions are inspired by Brazilian sounds, jazz harmonies and fingerstyle pieces that are difficult to perform. Among the songs, "L'allegria del sole", " You Are Welcome" and "Peace".


The album "C'È" has a decidedly rock energy but also shows off an ironic soul and Funk during the flow of the songs. There are many musicians who have collaborated in the recording of the cd And this makes the project more lively and exciting. The guitars play a fundamental role for the Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist. In fact on many tracks you can hear well-made guitar solos and arrangements.

Acqua e stelle

"Acqua e stelle" is a record work with a Funk and Rock sound where Cosimo Erario electric guitars reach a very high improvisational levels. The CD makes use of the collaboration of various musicians at an international level, of a choir of a school in Cologne and of a wind section of three elements. Even the singer-songwriter finds himself in some songs in the role of trumpeter bassist and drummer. Among the compositions with a Pop Rock Funk flavor, some stupendous ballads emerge, one of which is also sung in German.

Mille oceani

"Mille oceani" is a four-track acoustic recording.
The songs reveal an acoustic and rhythmic carefree summer soul. Very beautiful interventions of acoustic guitar and lyrics of autobiographical inspiration.
Several musicians from Cologne collaborated on the CD. A project that exudes summer experiences in front of the sea.

The Dog Is My King

This discographic work contains 22 instrumental tracks on a single cd. Is a chill out Lounge music project with electronic, Brazilian sounds, samples on which the guitarist has inserted well-made guitar ideas that respect the idioms of Lounge music. Is a 74-minute musical journey that certainly gives the listener moments of relaxation and good humor letting the lightness of summer transpire.


World by the Cosimo Erario guitarist is an instrumental project composed of jazz-inspired pieces. It could be defined as Fusion or Easy listening music where, however, the guitars take the lion's share. With a guitar sound that is most often distorted, the musician reveals similarities with the greats of rock music such as Joe Satriani or those of jazz music such as Pat Metheny. An album with a melodic Mediterranean flavour.

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